Qualitative Research at NIU

The tables below detail a number qualitative methods courses across various colleges at NIU. If you are an NIU student and have questions about these courses you are encouraged to be in touch with a member of the QUIC Executive from the relevant department. For a complete and up-to-date listing of graduate courses at NIU please see the course catalogue. For current offerings, please visit the relevant departmental webpage.

Please note that this page remains a work-in-progress. We periodically update and expand this listing. If no courses are listed for a department or college, you are encouraged to search the graduate course catalogue available here.

College of Education

ETR 525 Introduction to Qualitative Research in Education Introductory course in empirical methods of research in education; evaluating published research; planning a research study; developing skills in problem identification; identifying methods for data collection and research design; and preparing a research proposal.
ETR 526 Advanced Technologies in Qualitative Research Use of e-mail and Web-based data gathering techniques, digital video, transcription approaches, computer-based transcription analysis programs, and electronic dissemination for data collection and analysis.
ETR 739x / EPFE 739 Advanced Field Methods  Emphasis on studying examples of educational fieldwork and actual hands-on research.
ETR 745x / EPFE 745 Interpretive Research Crosslisted as ETR 745. Emphasis on structuralist, poststructuralist, and semiotic theories and techniques in education to develop systematic hands-on interpretive projects.
ETR 746 Qualitative Interview Methods in Education Introduction to the role of qualitative research in education, with emphasis on actual, hands-on research. Basic principles and focus of qualitative research will be discussed. Research methods will include case studies, ethnography, and interpretive research.
ETR 535 Mixed-Methods Research Overview of mixed-methods research designs in which quantitative and qualitative procedures are combined to address research problems and answer research questions. Examination of the foundations of mixed-methods research, types of mixed-methods designs, and process of conducting mixed-methods research.
EPS 524 Ethnographies in Human Development Ethnographies in diverse educational settings (e.g., classroom, school, family) with emphasis on human development across the life span and cultures. Ethnographic research relevant to learning and development such as negotiating entry, collecting data through interview and participant-observation, writing field notes, developing and identifying research questions, and generating valid and critical hypotheses and conclusions.

College of Liberal Arts & Science

POLS 603

Research Design in Political Science

Survey of research methods and design in political science. Required in the first year for all students in the M.A. and Ph.D. programs.
POLS 645 Qualitative Research Methods Examination of the philosophical underpinnings and rigorous design of qualitative research in political science, with emphasis on giving students sufficient skills to do qualitative research. Topics include selecting and defining cases, structuring qualitative interviews, coding and analyzing qualitative data, and generalizability. Techniques and applications include participant observation, case studies, elite interviews, and oral histories.
POLS 690 Political Science Research Supervised research training in planning, design, execution, and analysis of political science research. Required of all graduate students in political science. Master’s students may use a maximum of 9 semester hours toward degree completion. Doctoral students may use a maximum of 39 semester hours toward degree completion. S/U grading.
SOCI 677 Qualitative Research Methods in Sociology Methods of collecting and analyzing qualitative data for research in sociology, including ethnographic fieldwork, interviews, and observation. Not open for credit to students having credit in ANTH 560.
SOCI 674 The Research Process in Sociology Discussion of the social scientific method, creation and selection of research problems, research design, and methods of qualitative and quantitative analysis.

College of Visual and Performing Art

ARTE 683 / ART 680 Seminar in Art Education Investigation and discussion of topics in art education as they relate to issues in the visual arts, society, and education programs (e.g. Comics in Education). May be repeated to a maximum of 6 semester hours.
ARTE 784 Research Methods in Art Education Survey of methods used to conduct theoretical, historical, and empirical research in art education; qualitative and quantitative methods; research question development, ethics, data analysis, and reporting.
ARTE 685 Research Readings in Art Education Critical evaluation of primary research. Applying criteria for evaluating: theoretical, descriptive (historical, ethnographic, empirical, and case studies), and experimental research.